American School in Japan Visits Okinawa

By Mass Communication Specialist 2 nd Class Matthew Dickinson | | May 22, 2018

OKINAWA, Japan (May 22, 2018) – Students from American School in Japan (ASIJ) learned about the U.S. Navy - its roles, capabilities and missions - in Okinawa during a visit to Kadena Air Base and Camp Shields May 22. 

The students were in Okinawa to learn about the history and culture of the island, particularly the battle of Okinawa and its legacy, as well as the role of the island in the U.S.-Japan security alliance.

“It’s important for these students, who don’t have a connection with the American military, to actually meet competent and intelligent and just really kind people that are part of the military,” said Kathy Krauth, a teacher at ASIJ

After a briefing on the Navy in Okinawa, the students toured a hangar and a P-8A Poseidon aircraft assigned to the "Skinny Dragons" of Patrol Squadron (VP) 4.

“They were awesome,” said Lt. j.g. Madison Buck, from Houston, Tx., a pilot assigned to VP 4. “It was really good to get out and talk to them and hear their stories and to be able to share what we do.”

After the tour of the aircraft, the students ate lunch with Sailors from Fleet Activities Okinawa, VP 4 and Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5 on Camp Shields

Rae Edmunds, a senior at ASIJ, said that she was interested in seeing the perspective of the U.S.military in Japan.

“Talking to the people who were actually in the military, that was an interesting perspective,” Edmunds said. “That’s not something I would get anywhere else. It was enjoyable and informative hearing from the military members.

I want to thank everybody. There’s so many people who are contributing to my student's experience in learning today,” said Krauth. “I think the most important thing is these people-to-people relationships and how my students are going to remember these types of experiences.”

Founded in 1902, the ASIJ is one of the oldest international institutions in Japan

Fleet Activities Okinawa supports the full spectrum of Navy operations on Okinawa, and its major tenant commands are Commander Task Force 76, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5and Patrol and Reconnaissance Force 7th Fleet.